•    Conversation course:
During the career, students comprehend how to make communication taking advantages of useful idioms, expressions and phrasal verbs over the specific daily conversational topics. Moreover, some classes are prearranged to support pupils’ listening skill.
Debugging and resolving students’ grammatical difficulties, through English conversation, will be discussed particularly.
Making use of Eclectic Method, we manage to engage learners from all language level brackets.

•    IELTS Preparation course:
This course will be divided into 3major phase:
During phase01, attendants are supposed to reach vocabulary and grammar turning point, which is necessary to take an IELTS exam. Accordingly, to enhance vocabulary knowledge; we make use of IELTS sample readings to offer students the proven vocabulary used in IELTS while having them acquainted with the types of upcoming questions.
In the course of phase02, productive language skills (speaking and writing) will be taken into consideration. Subsequently, we will get our war through the 3rd and final phase, which is instructing students to deal with receptive language skills including listening and reading.

•    Writing course;
Which factors are playing a big part for writing skill? – Practical vocabulary, grammar, spelling and punctuation. All and all combined within a compact and crash course for advance learners are applicable.



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