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Q: Could you possibly give me some information on the duration and cost of the career?
A: Please be informed that the terms and costs of private or semi-private classes could be different based on your previous qualifications, the quantity of classes you are supposed to take in a week, numbers of classes on the whole and also the objectives of the career including IELTS, TOEFL, Conversation and etc. To receive more information about the costs and fees you can directly call us.

Q: What’s the major difference between private, semi-private and group classes?
A: Well, in that case you need to know that private classes are mostly held for the capacity of one or two learners and if the attendants of a class mainly get to ten individuals, we can call it a semi-private or even a group class. For the most part, due to an allocated time for each one of the students, we can say the efficiency of private or semi-private classes are a bit higher in comparison to the group ones. The presence of a fewer students in a class enables teachers to make a better profile of strength or weak points of every students and it helps us to arrange the better terms to deal with the issue.

Q: What is the major financial difference between private and group classes?
A: Naturally, the quality and rate of education in every collection would be different to some extents, based on the numbers of applicants for each of the classes. I mean, it could be an inverse relation. So the quantity management of a class has always been as much important as the quality of the training in the same class. So in a conclusion, we can say if you are interested in learning a language within a short space of time, for whatever the reason, it could be definitely worthwhile that you participate in a private or at least the classes with a fewer attendants.


Q: Is it possible to learn a new language within a short time?
A: It could be true to some extent, but please be advised that when we talk over a new language other than your mother tongue (2nd language), considering the fact that learning a new language as matter of scientific and also cultural could take too much of time, but if you need to learn it on need to know basis for communication skills or achieving a language certificate to be able to continue your favored academic educations, the answer is: yes. If you put your mind to it and spend enough time and perseverance, you will definitely get there in the end.

Q: Is it possible for the people who are in an appropriate level of language to take an intensive course to get familiar with the techniques of IELTS or TOEFL exams, prior to take the real test?
A: Yes of course, but please be informed that learning the relevant techniques for each test requires the optimum knowledge of practical grammar and vocabulary which are assumed as a foundation for your language construction. So, having strong capability of vocabulary and grammar knowledge is the fundamental key to attend such intensive or crash courses.


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